Tiny Ball of Rage

lift the weight. fight the power. eat the candy.

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If you have a mess making device (animal, child, accident prone SO), I highly recommend the Resolve carpet cleaners, especially the Moist Powder. They are magic. I say this as a lady who, at 6am, has two dogs with it coming out both ends. 

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If a person offers to spot me (I say person because it could theoretically be someone other than a man, although so far, it has only been men) when I have less than 100lbs on the bar, they automatically go to the bottom of my spotters list. I will ask the elderly woman pedaling slowly on the recumbent bike before I ask you for two reasons: 1. It is less than 100 lbs. I could drop it on my face and be okay (it would hurt but I would live). The fact that you think I need a spot now shows that you have little to no faith in my ability and thus, will be overzealous about helping me and touch the bar way too soon. 2. The fact that you don’t know that I can definitely lift more than this means that you are never at the gym. I am here all the time and the people who are also here all the time or even moderately some of the time at least recognize me and what I do. No thanks. You are way too inexperienced around barbell equipment.

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Next meet is on December. CO state championship. I’m thinking about cutting down to 123. Interesting…

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I might have a fever today. Let’s hope that stomach virus going around my office hasn’t found me. Insure don’t want to vomit on the platform.

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First time having a guy weigh me in - so down to spandex shorties and a tank. Luckily, I didn’t need to be nekkid to make weight. Otherwise, who knows how long I would have had to wait for the ladies to be ready to weigh in. Let’s get this show on the road! #iamhungry #alwaystooearly #overlyearnest #1stphorm #legionofboom #powerlifting