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lift the weight. fight the power. eat the candy.

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Avril Lavigne has join the group of white chicks who think its cool to make a music video that involves them, a white chick, dancing in front of persons of color. 

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Today, I met a 5 year old who knew the phrase “smokes weed” ( as in - “my neighbor also has a dog but we aren’t allowed to go near him because he smokes weed and is bad”), but asked me if my dog was black or white. We really need to move.

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That awkward picture when only female, loads shorter than all my colleagues, forced to stand in the from and the only beer drinker.

That awkward picture when only female, loads shorter than all my colleagues, forced to stand in the from and the only beer drinker.

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I just remembered that I am taking tomorrow off! I am going to a Rockies game! Whoop!

Also, random side note: I still fantasize about meeting rock stars and other famous people, but not because they are rock stars. Because I think it would be cool to pitch my “business” idea to someone who had enough money to make it happen. This means I am old, right?

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A few weeks ago, at lunch, one of my coworkers mentioned how he had been thinking about how many years he has left before he can retire. And that, of course, got us all thinking about it. Like, 39 more years for me. It is a thought that kind of makes me want to die.

I have been having a really hard time getting my morale up since then.

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At the end of the work week, there’s the weekend. You usually reach it absolutely exhausted.

Now, you have two options. The first is to do not or do only part of things you need to do/want to do. And you slowly become a dirty, sluggy hermit. Or you do as much as you can with your free time because you want to live in a clean home and see your loved ones and eat good food and you meet the beginning of the next work week exhausted.


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woke up at 5.30

cleaned some

went to gym

eating food

To do: All of the laundry, grocery store, more cleaning

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missdeejers said: No, teens are sexist bc they are full of hormones, roam in packs, and consume shitty MTV. And then they turn into shitty adults because I can’t punch their heads because I will go to jail. And shitty men treat ALL ppl like that, not just kids, FYI.

I didn’t say they…

Guys….she actually still thinks those are my views.

It’s like the people who read my blog don’t actually know me. 

Look, lady, I am really sorry that you had a terrible childhood. I really am. I am sorry that the people who did terrible things to you are not behind bars. As I (“the shit”) have been trying to point out people don’t want to listen to you when you start by insulting them and continue to insult them. And you do nothing for your cause by becoming irrationally angry with an internet user who was venting steam after she had been harassed. BTW, I have been harassed more times by teenage boys in the past 6 months than adult men. Why? because of pack behavior and their developing prefrontal cortexes, they do not have the same type of rationalization skills as adults. Their brains are not fully developed and that makes it difficult for them to make decisions (like not harassing the woman walking her dog) because reasoning is harder for them. It is science. There have been studies about this. It is theorized that we shouldn’t teach kids high level math and instead should wait until theey reach adulthood because they will understand it better. Yes, teenscan be shitty for the same reasons that adult men are shitty. But because the brain does not fully develop until ~18, they are less great at hiding their shitty behavior. Yes, the brain does keep developing for a few years after, but not nearly as much. The change and impact on their behavior is not nearly as great.

You see, if you wanted to have a reasonable discussion about rights advocacy and the science behind brain development, I totally would have been right there with you. But you shot yourself in the foot. And because you were a jerk first, I find it funny to continue to taunt you. It’s my thing. I am a jerk to people who act like jerks.

Also, if you knew anything about me, you would know that I am actually an advocate for children’s rights and have volunteered for CASA - an organization for abused and neglected children. 

Additionally, I welcome any person who threatens/wants to punch me in the face to my doorstep. 

Oy vey.

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  1. sorekneesandbruisedego said: As soon as insults start flying, I’m like ok bye I don’t have time for this nonsense

Seriously, though? Right? If you want people to take what you have to say seriously, you have to start by having something decent to say; because all that comes after the insult sounds like a huge knee jerk reaction and you sound completely irrational. Why would I want to have a conversation  and listen to what someone has to say when it is obvious that the first thing they do is fly off the handle? 

You could be campaigning for everything good in the world and no one will listen to you if you insult them off the bat. “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! YOU SHOULD HELP SAVE THE WHALES! YOU SHOULD STOP POLLUTING THE OCEAN! DONATE TO THE HOMELESS YOU CUNT!” 

More flies with honey and the whole bit. Like, if you are offended, start by saying that and then explaining why. Otherwise, you will just be shut out automatically.

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